WaterSaver iOS App 

The state of California is in a serious drought, and every drop of water counts. Every day, people use water for a variety of activities that can be measured. If we are not careful, a significant amount of water can be wasted even in daily use. 

Sid Iyer
decided to do something to solve this problem.

Leveraging what he learned in his Exploring Computer Science and iOS Development courses,
Sid Iyer developed an idea to create an iPhone app to help people track their daily water usage and conserve water. Soon, the WaterSaver iOS app was born.

Using the WaterSaver app, individuals can effortlessly input the amount of water used for daily activities such as taking a shower, flushing the toilet, washing dishes and clothes, etc. This usage will be calibrated against the average daily water use recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Below are screenshots of the WaterSaver app:

 The WaterSaver app is in the final stages of development and approval. Look for it in the iOS App Store very soon.

Fixture to Eliminate Waste of Liquid and Gaseous Energy Resources

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AllGreenTech's newest line of products to eliminate the waste of energy resources based on the following pending U.S. patent:

Rain Sensor

Our original line of Rain Sensor products to shut off residential and commercial sprinkler systems when it rains are currently available. Please contact us for more information.