During the winter of 2011, as we (
Jay Iyer - LinkedIn Profile and Sid Iyer - LinkedIn Profile) looked out the window on a rainy day, we witnessed a strange occurrence on our front lawn - the automatic sprinklers were going at full force in the heavy rain! As this waste of precious water bothered us, we thought to ourselves - can we build a device to prevent this from happening?

Over the following few weeks, we started researching how to construct an electronic circuit that could shut off the sprinkler timer with a simple sponge functioning as a rain sensor. We successfully built a prototype of this circuit and integrated it into the sprinkler timer in our garage. We were overjoyed when our creation worked perfectly when a few drops of rain started falling the next time around - the lawn sprinklers promptly shut off to save water!

Emboldened by this success, we began to explore how we could share our efforts in saving energy with the rest of the world. We soon founded AllGreenTech to research and develop energy-saving ideas and products for all aspects of everyday life.

During the summer of 2015, Sid Iyer created the WaterSaver iOS app to help individuals save water in their daily lives, especially in the context of the California drought.

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